24hBet has joined Unibet

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What will change?


Playing continues in a new address: Unibet.com. Games work like in 24hBet but selection is much bigger. Unibet’s sportsbook is one of the best, with hundreds of markets. You can also play Poker and Bingo with same wallet. And you will have even more promotions and rewards.

When will it happen?


On Monday 10th of April 2017. After that 24hbet will be available only to login and withdraw pending funds for the next 3 months. Keep playing normally at 24hBet until 10th April – exception: sportsbetting ends already on 7th April (12.00CET).

How can I continue playing?


f you do not have an existing account Unibet you can log in with the same username/email address and password as in 24hBet, after the 10th of April. In the case that you don’t want your account to be transferred to Unibet.com, you can opt out. Simply contact our Customer Support at support@24hbet.com

If you already have an account with Unibet.com, continue playing there with your Unibet login credentials. Withdraw your funds at 24hBet because your account balance and history won't be transferred if you already have an account in Unibet.

What happens to my bonus and free spins?


You should play any unused bonus and free spins before 10th of April, afterwards they will be voided. Poker loyalty points should be redeemed/used as they will expire as well. Tournament tickets will be converted into cash.

Should I open an account in Unibet?


You don't need to open an account because we will transfer your 24hbet account to Unibet where you will be able to login with the same credentials after the 10th of April.

What are my username and password at Unibet?


If you do not have an existing account Unibet you can log in with the same username and password as in 24hBet after the 10th of April.

If you already have an account at Unibet, continue playing there with your Unibet login credentials.

What happens to my account balance?


If you do not have an account in Unibet, your current balance and account history in 24hbet will be transferred to your new account in Unibet during the 10th of April. You do not need to do anything, simply login to Unibet on the 11th of April with your current username and password. If you do not wish to have your account transferred please contact Support.

If you already have an account with Unibet, your 24hBet account won't be transferred. If you have cash funds in your 24hBet account, you are advised to withdraw before the 10th of April and then the account will be permanently closed. To make sure that all our current players have time to withdraw, from the 11th of April onwards 24hbet will be available only to login and withdraw for the players that still have cash funds for the next 3 months.

How does depositing and withdrawals work at Unibet?


Deposit options at Unibet remain the same and they are quick and safe. Withdrawals at Unibet are handled very fast.

What happens to promotions?


24hBet’s current promotions will end but at Unibet you will get even more and better promotions.

What happens to account restrictions?


If you have set up account restrictions, for example deposit limits, this information will be transferred with your 24hBet account and it will remain the same in the future. You do not have to do anything to keep the restrictions in place.

If you already have an account with Unibet, then the account restrictions you have set up in Unibet will continue to apply as those will remain unchanged.

What happens to my open bets?


All open bets that are to be settled after the 9th of April will be voided and your stake will be refunded.

What’s the difference between 24hBet poker and Unibet Poker?


Unibet Poker is a stand-alone poker software, so you'll only play against other Unibet players. For instant play, launch Poker directly on your browser, or download the desktop client for the best experience (available on PC and Mac). We also offer an app version for poker on-the-go, available for iPad and Android Tablet.

What happens to my rakeback?


Unibet players are automatically participating in a unique loyalty programme called ‘Challenges’ which works very similarly to rakeback. Challenge rewards can consist of different things such as instant cash rewards, tournament tickets, bonus shop points and more.

Who is the administrator of Unibet?


The new site administrator is the same as 24hBet, the international game company Kindred Group.

Where can I ask more?


Our Customer Support Team is available to answer any of your questions as usual via Live Chat or email us at support@24hbet.com.