When you play poker with real money - you will earn Loyalty Points. The more you play, the higher Loyalty Level you will get - which will give you bigger cashback rewards!

Check below for Loyalty Point requirement and Cashback for each Loyalty Level:
Loyalty Level Loyalty Points Cashback Bonus Loyalty Points
Bronze 0 - 499 10% 0%
Silver 500 - 1999 15% 3%
Gold 2000 - 3999 20% 6%
Platinum 4000+ 30% 10%

How do I earn Loyalty Points?

You earn 10 Loyalty Points per $1 in rake. Depending on your Loyalty level, you also earn extra Bonus Loyalty Points - up to 10% more!

For example: If you rake $10 you will earn 100 Loyalty Points + 10% more on Platinum Level, which gives you 110 Loyalty Points in total (100 x 1.10).

How do I get my cash rewards?

Depending on your Loyalty Level, only a certain amount of your Loyalty Points can be exchanged for cash (cashable points). Your remaining Loyalty Points can be used as buy-in for tournaments (non-cashable points).

You can at any time exchange every 30 Cashable Loyalty Points for $1 in cash - and get up to 30% cashback. This can be done in your Poker Client under ‘My Account’ -> ‘View and redeem my loyalty points’ -> ‘Redeem’.

Your non-Cashable Loyalty Points can be used as entry for tournaments at a rate of 100 Loyalty Points per $1 buy-in.

NOTE: The NET value of the non-Cashable Loyalty Points used as tournament buy-in is equal to 2-7% (depending on your Loyalty Level) of your rake and is added on top your cashback!

Additional information:

  • These numbers can change since they are based on the current exchange rate from USD to EURO. The base value for calculation is US $1. In rake it will equal 10 Loyalty Points.
  • If you are inactive or don’t reach the same Loyalty Level requirement for a period of 30 days, your current Loyalty Level will expire. However, your Loyalty Points will not expire until after 180 days of inactivity.
  • There is a small 5 minute delay in the Loyalty Points balance update.
  • You will also get Loyalty Points when you play at Blaze Poker tables.
  • Non-Cashable points can only be used for buy-in into tournaments.
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