In February we are flipping again, but now with bigger prize pool! 30 players will qualify for €5000 Dead or Alive Tournament where the greatest flipper will receive an astonishing €1500 cash reward prize! This is a 5-way flip tournament so you will be flipping against 4 opponents at the time.


To become the greatest flipper, you need a lot of chips. Start the €5000 Dead or Alive Tournament with more chips by earning points in cash games or tournaments. You have time to earn points between 1st - 30th February and remember that all

30 flippers will be guaranteed a prize!

How do I earn points?

You earn 1 point for every raked hand you generate. A multiplier will be applied to your points depending on the stake you generate the raked hand at. You can earn points across all stakes at No Limit Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha tables.

The following table shows a full breakdown of the multipliers.

Table buy-in Stakes Multiplier
NL/PL4 and lower €0.02/€0.04 and lower 0.5
NL/PL10 €0.05/€0.10 1
NL/PL20 €0.10/€0.20 1.5
NL/PL50 €0.25/€0.50 2
NL/PL100 €0.50/€1.00 3
NL/PL200 €1.00/€2.00 4
NL/PL400 and higher €2.00/€4.00 and higher 5

* Head’s Up tables award you with half amount of points. You can earn a maximum of 5 points per raked hand at a ring game table and a maximum of 2 points per raked hand at a Head’s Up table.

For example

One raked hand at a NL/PL50 table will award you with 2 points for ring game tables and 1 point for Head’s Up tables.

You can also earn points by playing multi-table tournaments, Sit & Go’s or Fish Party. For every 1 EUR fee you will earn 7 points. Please note that Fish Party tournaments have a fee of 5%.

The Leaderboard

The higher you climb in the leaderboard, the bigger starting stack you will have in the €5000 Dead or Alive Tournament. You have time between 1st - 30th February to earn points towards the leaderboard. Below you can see how many starting chips each position gives.

Position Starting Chips
1 10,000
2 6000
3 4000
4 3000
5 2000
6 - 10 1000
11 - 15 600
16 - 20 400
21 - 30 200


The Tournament

The €5000 Dead or Alive Tournament starts at 19:00 CET on 2nd March 2017. All players who made it to the top 30 in the leaderboard will be automatically registered to the tournament with a starting stack based on their leaderboard position.

The €5000 Dead or Alive Tournament is a 5-way flip tournament! You will play against 4 opponent at a time and all players are automatically all-in every hand.

€5000 Dead or Alive Tournament prize pool

Position Prize
1 €1500 Cash
2 €825 Cash
3 €600 Cash
4 €400 Cash
5 €300 Cash
6 - 10 €100 Cash
11 - 15 €75 Cash
16 - 20 €50 Cash
21 - 30 €25 Cash

You can find the tournament under ‘Tournaments’ -> ‘Freeroll’ tab in the poker client.

Terms & Conditions

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